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👋Hi Healthy,

My name is Emily Dabrowski and this is my companies story. 

My family calls me a MOMPRENEUR because I tapped into skills I developed as a mom and its what drives my wellness quest. I wanted to make sure my daughter was healthy as she grew and I knew that one person's health impacts everyone else at home, school, the office, and beyond. 

In the midst of a terrible flu season I knew I needed to protect my family from becoming sick. It was in my research to optimize our immune systems that I discovered the many natural immunity aids Black Elderberries possess. 

Elderberries have been used for thousands of years all over the globe, from ancient Egypt to Europe and right here in North America. Elderberries have been used to treat all sorts of ailments and have been studied in at least 50 clinical trials*. How amazing is it that this tiny berry has helped so many people throughout the world! Packed wth antioxidants, vitamins and natural antiviral properties I knew I had to try it out for myself. So armed with my new knowledge, I got to work developing an elderberry syrup recipe. I have a very picky toddler so it needed to not only be nutritious but delicious as well! Seeing how well the syrup worked in keeping us healthy all flu season, I knew I was on to something big. I wanted to share how well my Elderberry Syrup was working for my family’s well-being. Something this effective needed to be shouted from the roof tops!

Thankfully, I was apart of a wonderful moms group on Facebook and I kept seeing people ask, “who makes elderberry syrup?”, and the light bulb went off. I knew I had a fantastic product that was keeping us healthy and I knew other moms just like me wanted to give their family an immune boost in a more natural way. Yes, there are other brands on the market but with corn syrup, glycerin, and fillers. And that was the opposite of what I was trying to provide my family. So I raised my hand and said “I Do!”. Moms started ordering and re-ordering and telling their family and friends. Before long I was buying organic elderberries 10 lbs at a time to keep up with demand. I then developed elderberry gummies as another delicious way to get your immune boost for the day.

Making the best quality elderberry products is my mission and my passion. From the elderberries which I buy direct from a small organic farm in Poland, to the antioxidant-rich raw honey and organic ceylon cinnamon. Nothing artificial, only 3 fabulous ingredients that allow the elderberries to shine and do their thing! My talented husband designed the brand, label and website so we truly are a family run business.

I look forward to hearing how from you healthy 💜

~ Emily Dabrowski

Daily Immune Boost Gummies

Meet our new delicious gummies crafted with Black Elderberry, zinc & vitamin C to support your immunity. 

For ages 2+

Do you ever have those days where you are so busy that you forget to eat? And then 3pm rolls around and you are starving! So you reach for whatever you can find and most times it's not the best for you. Well I have the solution and its a yummy one👏🏻No-Bake Protein Energy Balls to the rescue!

I have been obsessed with LifeBars Chocomaca and Banillamaca Organic Plant  Protein Powders. I have a dairy allergy so its sometimes hard for me to find a protein powder that not only tastes good but is whey free. I love the flavor of LifeBar's protein powders and knowing they are organic and filled with super healthy ingredients like hemp hearts, pea protein and maca I know I'm fueling my body in a smart way! Their protein powders are great in protein smoothies with frozen banana and plant based milk but I also wanted to create something that I could keep in the fridge and snack on throughout the day for an energy and protein boost. As a busy mompreneur I need convenience! And of course I added our elderberry syrup into the mix so I get my immune boost too, Yay! 

The first dessert I decided to make with my freshly picked apples is an Elderberry & Apple Cinnamon Cashew Cream Tart. The apples are actually poached in our Elderberry Syrup! Our syrup has a cinnamon flavor so it pairs perfectly with any fall inspired recipe. A slightly sweet tart crust for the base and a vanilla and cinnamon cashew cream for the top. I also dehydrated seem apple chips for garnish! It turned out so delicious, I really hope you give it a try 💜
There are a few thing in life that just go together and should never be separated. Peanut Butter & Jelly,Peaches & Cream, Apples & Cinnamon and Figs, Goat Cheese& Rosemary. These flavor combinations balance each other and produce a flavor explosion in your mouth that is hard to resist! Call it a mouth party if you will 😋 

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